I am an artist and publisher of Las Injurias, Minerva Editions, and Flores y Fantasmas. Born in Cumaná, raised in Caracas, and currently located in Madrid.

My work engages with archives development and printed matter. I examine subjects like memory, forced migration, and isolation. Since 2013 I have begun a publishing practice focusing on inspecting themes like marginality, institutional violence, and conflict.

I have published over 170 editions, some of them held in public collections like The MoMA library Artists’ books collection (New York, USA); Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA); TATE library Artists’ books collection (London, United Kingdom); Biblioteca del Centro de Estudios y Documentación MACBA (Barcelona, España), as well as many others.

Mail: rlvrlvrlvrlvrlvr@gmail.com
Ig: @rlvrlvrlvr