Focusing on editorial design and publishing, I offer creative, affordable, and friendly solutions for businesses, publishers, artists, or individuals.

I can facilitate your project with my services: editing, design, print production, and web development. My expertise extends to curating exhibitions, developing programs around publishing and other subjects.

Editing & Design: Photobooks, Artists’ books, Monographs.
Printing(A5, A4, A3): Laser, Riso, Digital, Offset.
Binding: Pamphlet Binding, Japanese Binding, Coptic Binding.

Finishing: Folding, Packaging, Labeling, Trimming.
Cataloging: Online CMS, Scanning, Photography, Epub/PDF.
Miscellaneous: Consultation, Education.

For further information about any of my services, or if you require an estimate or advice, contact me at